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We are a paranormal group from Erie, PA that is dedicated to finding the reason a person may think they have paranormal activity. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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We use modern state of the art equipment, and explore all possibilities from faulty electrical, to pipes banging in your walls. We will rule out all other possibilities before we come to the conclusion that your place of business, residence is active, or haunted and will approach this in a scientific way. 

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Our Paranormal Pursuit

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Ghost Footsteps!

The Spirit walks right around us! PSPR is Ghost Hunting The Eagle Hotel "Paranormal Pursuit" Crazy foot steps captured on our audio! You won't believe this!

The Eagle Hotel Ghost Hunt

The Eagle Hotel was constructed in 1826 by Thomas King. It was built at a time when "plank road, turnpikes, canals and later railroads went through or near Waterford." 

Hauntings at Judson House On the grounds of an French Fort

Our "Paranormal Pursuit" takes us to The Amos Judson House, built in 1810 on the property of the original French Fort (Est. 1753 FORT LEBOEUF).  An archaeological dig found a few artifacts from the colonial period, large areas of wood charcoal in the vicinity of the Judson House suggest the remains of either the French or British forts (both were destroyed by fire). This stately home is furnished in the style of the period.

Ghost Hunting The Amos Judson House Est.1810 Spirits Remain

Ghost Hunting The Amos Judson House Est.1810 On the grounds of an Old French Fort (Fort Leboeuf) Spirits Remain!

Our "Paranormal Pursuit" takes us to The Amos Judson House, built in 1810 on the property of the original French Fort (Est. 1753 FORT LEBOEUF). 

The Alms House Cemetery (Collab with MichaelScotYT)

The Alms House cemetery is located in Fairview, Pa. The remains of 690 former residents of the Erie County Alms House were discovered in the earth during excavation of the property clearing the way for 

the industrial landscape that is present today. Over 1500 burial plots were documented but only the 690 were approved to be relocated the 810+ bodies still remain at their resting spot covered by asphalt and factories. 

Ghost Doll!

This video was filmed from my wife's perspective She did a great job at the Madison Seminary. Ghost Hunting in the Brides Room with ghost doll. The spirit voices we captured were off the charts. Check out what we found. 

The ASYLUM at Madison Seminary

Check out this great video. MUST SEE!

This video is of us investigating the 4th floor at the (Ohio Cottage) Madison Seminary in Madison, OH. This floor is known as the ASYLUM. Which receives it's name because the patients that were sent to this floor were not fit for any other area of the Ohio Cottage side of the Madison Seminary. Please Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel we appreciate the support!

The Hauntings at Madison Seminary

Check out this great videoOn this Webisode we catch EVP's at the Madison Seminary that you won't believe. Collab with PANICdVideos. check out their channel. Also for more info on the Madison Seminary and more haunted locations go to for complete listings.

Hill View part 1

Hill View Manor "Paranormal Pursuit" Part 1. Come with My wife and I as we investigate Hill View Manor. We capture multiple EVP's. This is Part 1 of our 3 Part series at Hill View Manor on our Paranormal Pursuit.


This is my wife and I, true #Paranormal Story #YouTube Video. I don't think I have ever had this much fun doing anything ever before. Please like and subscribe to our channel. 

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